The WarpForce is an intergalactic organization bent on fighting the The Network and stopping it's expansion to the entire galaxy .

The Fleet Ships

LSS Alteon

The Lore Space Ship Alteon is the flagship of the fleet. It has 5 main decks (Bridge, Engineering, Hangar, Sick Bay, and VR Deck). It is named after the heroic King Alteon.

LSS Cysero

It is named after the Mad Weaponsmith Cysero.


RTX Fighter

The RTX Fighter is the first fighter ship design. It does double duty as a shuttlecraft since it has room for 3 passengers.

Griffin Scoutship

The Griffin Scoutship is made for long-range missions and capable of Warp speed. Only downsides: it's lacking on firepower and only has room for 2 people.

Zhoom 6000 Warpfighter

The Zhoom 6000 is an experimental ship that combines the best of the RTX Fighter and the Griffin Scoutship. It is named after the ranger Zhoom.


NOTE : Some of the Examples are taken from the Sick Bay Rescue Missions

Military Ranks

  • Private

EXAMPLES : Private Pyle

  • Private First Class
  • Corporal

EXAMPLES : Corporal Ripley

  • Sergeant

EXAMPLES : Sgt. "Lucky" Gibs , Sgt. Schaeffer , Sgt. Bambam , Sgt. York

  • Gunnery Sergeant
  • Master Sergeant
  • Ensign

EXAMPLES : Ensign Fisher

  • Second Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant

EXAMPLES : Lt. Krath , Lt. Roddenberry , Lt. Amada Junior , Lt. Hibbens

  • Captain

EXAMPLES : Captain Temura Ge'Thrak , Captain Daian , Captain Arzana , Captain Gyras , Captain Broccoli

  • Major

EXAMPLES : Major Brian Ba'Tokk

  • Colonel

EXAMPLES : Colonel Ba'Tokk

  • General

EXAMPLES : General Leet Stormfront

  • Admiral

EXAMPLES : Admiral Amada

Engineering Ranks

  • Chief Enginner

EXAMPLES : Chief Engineer Gravlax

Medical Ranks

  • Doctor

EXAMPLES : Dr. Milly Mendas

Warp Guardians

  • Hans Olo

Star Knights

  • Opie-Juan Benobi


  • Queen Pra'Mithia
  • Celestra the Huntress
  • Tronzor the Holotrainer
  • Lkeas the Archivist
  • Zorboz the Robo-Moglin Necromancer
  • Doctor Crader