Satiren is a beautiful planet covered entirely in water. There isn’t dry land anywhere on the island—that is, there wasn’t until Trinni created an artificial island in her escape from Lord Terror. An odd aspect about the planet is that its rings somehow orbit in different directions.

Because Satiren is so different ecologically from Lore, there are a great many very interesting creatures that Lorians had never seen. One of these is the Gravanir. Since the creation of the planet, the Gravanir circled the Sea according to the seasons, causing all of the sea creatures in their vicinity to gather around them for their protection, forsaking their own migrations. According to Finnona, they aim for the preservation of order in the Sea. It also appears that the Gravanir can transmit a virus that gives other organisms the ability to transform into one of them.

Although the Gravanir were native to Satiren, a sea serpent known as the Marix had recently been introduced to Satiren’s fragile ecology by the Network. They originate from the planet Dygith. These Marix serpents are almost viral in how they breed; one serpent can cause almost infinite trouble by producing extreme amounts of offspring, as they eat tons and tons of fish flesh per day.

A final creature of note was the Leviathan. Note the use of the past tense verb “was.” The Leviathan was destroyed by the Hero using his or her Hand of Creation. Prior to its destruction, it had been raised as an undead creature by Dark Madder. The Leviathan appeared to be a creature of great power, devouring a Marix serpent in one bite.

A final note: Despite the strange monsters, Satiren is a wonderful vacationing site—many Exos, for example, travel here for their vacations.