Lore is a planet of inordinate magic—its core is pure, strong, elemental magic— and variety in geological features. Unlike certain worlds that exhibit only one type of living space (e.g., Satiren for its ocean, Erakkis for its desert, or Kairula for its jungle), Lore has all of these characteristics and more: it has oceans (the Egrian, the Great Southern) like Satiren, deserts (the Skraeling) like Erakkis, jungles (the Dark) like Kairula, forests, tropical regions, mountains, and even snowy regions to the north and south. A note on this geography, however, must be made: it is liable to shift. Greatly. In very short amounts of time.

Because of this geological variety, there is also much variety in its inhabitants; the sentient species are manifold. Of these, there are the humans, the Elani, the Ulgathi, the Drakel, the Gnome, the Mermazon, the Dragon, the Dwarf, the Moglin, the Gatta, the Centaurion, and potentially many more. There are also many non-sentient species much like those on Terra, like the Tiger, the Bat, the Hawk, etc.

In addition to its importance for its magic and variety in creatures, Lore is also important because it was the birthplace of The’Galin the Devourer, the WarpForce’s greatest enemy (sort of). The’Galin was born aeons ago on the continent of Inilar in the capital city of Tjeli. As a man, he started an orphanage on the Cigeli Peak. It was in this life that he first felt the depravity of Creation-kind. After his death, Lorithia raised him as a Greater Power to test the worlds and to determine which are worthy of continuation.

Lore is one of the only planets for which we have any idea of what its Gods are like.