Chilled Beam Sword
Level: 1
Power Level: 1
Location: Hangar Arsenal and Join the WarpForce!
Price: 30 Gold
Sellback: 15 Gold
Element: Ice
Attack Type: Melee
Damage: 2-9
BTH: +0
This ultra-high tech sword is from the legendary world of Omnus-- a world in which its original biological inhabitants long ago transcended their physical form and gained immortality as machines!
Damage: 58% Base and Random plus 34% LS each
Attack Type: Melee
BTH: +1
Hits: 3
Rate: 20%
Element: Ice


  • You can click on the Beam Sword to switch it between Sword Form and Dagger Form.
  • Sword Form: All normal Player attacks and Specials deal 110% damage. After each hit, you lose HP equal to 9.1% of the damage dealt.
  • Dagger Form: The Special deals half damage, and you heal HP equal to the damage dealt (only if it deals >0 damage)


Beam Sword

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