The Battle Interface is how you perform moves during battles in WarpForce. The primary choice is ATTACK, where it gives you a choice of skills to perform against the opponent. Then there's SKILLS & TECH. These are useful pieces of technology that help, such as the Medic I that heals you for a cost of Mana Points/MP. These are similar to spells in AdventureQuest. There is FLEE, which is running away from battle while aborting the current mission(if any) once gained enough Skill Points/SP. ITEMS are things that help to boost stats for a little while, or they can be as simple as the Health and Mana Potions. These require Skill Points/SP. PETS assist you in battle by fighting every turn, like you. You cannot choose their moves. WEAPONS are the things you attack with. GAUNTLETS are special things that also have a powerful skill called GAUNTLET BLAST when equipped. BATTLESUITS are like armor in AdventureQuest.

Battle Interfacejuly18 09

The battle interface from Cronos Dage's point of view.